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Afghanistan Live TV APK

Afghanistan Live TV APK

Afghanistan Live TV APK

Afghanistan Live TV 1.5


Bijgewerkt: 2014-10-08 13M

DMCA Report

Afghanistan Live TV APK


Afghanistan Live TV // 2014-10-08 // Afghanistan Live TV application serve users to watch free public live broadcasts from mobile phones and tablets.

It will turn your mobile phone or tablet to mobile TV to watch all Afghanistan Live TV channels.

You will enjoy our UI and UX while using Afghanistan Live TV

Simple and basic UI for everyone usage

Afghanistan Live TV app was designed for everyone and you will love the idea behind this Live TV app

You will add channels to your favourite Live TV list and you can simply reach them in main menu with sliding menu

Afghanistan Live TV is one of the best TV app in Google Play Store

It will be your internet tv and online tv in play store

How To Use

First open the Afghanistan Live TV app

Then it is highly recommended to log in with twitter(to share instant tweets while watching tv)

Then click watch tv button on main screen

You will see live tv list , by clicking logos you can see there will open a popup menu

In this popup menu you can add your channels to favourite list or simply can watch by clicking watch channel

You can also dislike, like, or report channels link to administration on Afghanistan Live TV

**Will be one of the best TV in Afghanistan ( Farsi)

Please do not forget ; all streams are public sources. If you are owner one of them or if you just want to remove channels for DMCA rights you can simply mail us with your complaint.

Thanks all Farsi user to watch our Live Tv Apps.


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